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Sometimes we take for granted just how many appliances we rely on, to assist us with our daily lives. When we’re faced with the reality that one is no longer working the way it should be, we realize just how important they are. Ensuring that when this does happen, we can get them back to working order because it is imperative to be able to get back to how we would usually live our day to day lives. Knowing your local appliance repair company is the best way that you can ensure that you’re never without any of your necessary appliances for long. We're here to help!

About Us
Odessa Appliance Repair is your number one choice for an appliance repair specialist in the Odessa, TX area. We are a highly motivated team, combining a number of years of experience in the industry. We’ve been to the homes of many, helping our clients get their appliances back to a working order as soon as possible. By now, we are a trusted name in our community and we only continue to grow our customer base, supplying each and every Odessa resident with an efficient and quality job.


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    Our Appliance Repair Odessa Services

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    Our aim is to cover as many different appliance areas that best serve the needs of our customers. With every job, we strive to achieve a repairs solution that is efficient and cost-effective, whilst also being long lasting. After the many years of our operations, we know our way around just about any appliance and so in using our services, you know that you are receiving the work of someone who understands the exactitudes of your products. You can expect superior servicing, a fast turnaround time and most importantly, a friendly and personable approach.

    Dishwasher Repair
    Refrigerator Repair
    Stove/Oven Repair

    Your Dishwasher Repair Odessa TX Service
    Dishwashers serve our best interests each and every day, halving the time that is involved with every mealtime. However, over an extended period of use, there are a number of problems that could arise. With anything from drainage and piping issues to severe leakage and overfill, there are a many different things that can make your dishwasher underperform. No matter the problem, we will be able to apply our extensive industry knowledge to source the best solution. We will have your dishwasher up and running again, in no time, fixing it so it runs at its best for a long time after our visit.

    Your Refrigerator Repair Odessa TX Service
    Without having refrigerators in our homes, we would find that we are making trips to the store almost daily. They have been the perfect ally in allowing us to conveniently keep our families fed for the entire week. If we suddenly do lose their abilities, trying to have meals prepared can be a real issue. We know the frustration that comes with this and so we will always complete our refrigerator repairs in rapid times, so you can worry about the other things that you need to. No matter the issue, we’ll have your fridge functioning properly once more.

    Your Stove / Oven Repair Odessa TX Service
    When your stove or oven breaks down, you’re either left with having to eat your cold leftovers or order fast food. Being able to cook at home is the defining factor in being able to provide your family with nourishing meals. Odessa Appliance Repair care about your ability to do this and so we’re on hand to help. If your stove or oven is not heating or you’re having difficulty with the physical functionality, give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible, so you can get back to using your kitchen in the way that you love.

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    repairman appliance repair washer dryer
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    Washer/Dryer Repair
    Gas Appliance Repair
    Appliance Brands

    Our Washer / Repair Odessa TX Services
    Clothes drying machines and washing machines can leak water but we're prepared to fix them with all the replacement parts you need. No matter the brand, no matter the condition, if your washer is broken, we can fix it, and if your dryer won't spin then we got the remedy for that! We've worked alongside some of the best appliance techs in the world, from Europe to Asia, Africa and our Canadian friends up north. Some of the most common household appliances are both your washer and dryer. We have progressed leaps and bounds from the methods of clothes cleaning of a century ago. And so, when we are without either our washer or dryer, we either have to pay significant amounts to have them washed by another company or simply deal with dirty clothes. Ensure that you never have to collect mountains of laundry by having it fixed quickly and professionally.

    Our Gas Appliance Repair Odessa TX Services
    Odessa Appliance Repair are the prime choice for everything in gas appliance repair. Gas powered machines are something which need to be handled with delicacy and care. Applying any service that is less than the best could put your home at real risk of sustaining an accidental gas leak. Ensure that you are providing your home and gas appliances with diligent care and give us a call to manage your related issues. We specialize in fixing gas ovens and stoves of all brands, getting you the same day service you need from a trusted, locally owned and operated business. Whether it's range repair, BBQ repair or anything of that nature, don't hesitate to give our pros a call.

    Common Appliance Brands Our Company Works With
    There is plenty of choice on the market these days, in the way of various appliance brands. Our company specializes in them all. We like to work on a wide varietty of brands so that people can get a Whirlpool dishwasher repair and Samsung fridge repair in the same day, not to mention an LG oven repair! We do our very best to keep up to date with the latest and most common brands, using quality assured equipment and licensed parts. At this current time, those brands include: LG, Maytag, KitchenAid, Bosch, GE, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Electrolux and Miele. Plus there's a whole lot more we service like Hotpoint and Viking. So if your warranty is expires, our exepertly trained techs can fix them and settle a new warranty for your newly working appliances.

    repairman appliance repair dishwasher
    repairman appliance repair oven
    repairman appliance repair fridge

    Contact Us Today

    If you have a household appliance that is need repairs or servicing, Odessa Appliance Repair are at your service. We are a small and caring company, with the capability to produce big results. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, should you need any one of our services. Or, you can find us on the web and read what others are saying. Our customer service operators are always on hand to take on new customers and provide all of the necessary information that you should need. We're never out of reach when your appliances break down!

    “I’m someone who always likes to cook healthy meals for my kids. When my oven broke down, I had to buy them fast food at least twice a day and that was definitely not my first choice. I called Odessa Appliance Repair, after being recommended by a friend. One of their technicians was round my house much faster than I could have hoped and my cooker was back to its best condition super quickly! Highly recommend these guys and will always be my first port of call.” – Marge C

    “My freezer started leaking and I couldn’t get it to the right temperature. I gave Odessa Appliance Repair a call to see if they could have a look. It was back to working order the same day that they came and I haven’t had a problem since! Great work, one happy customer!” – Alejandro L

    “A number of times now, I have called Odessa Appliance Repair to fix my appliances when they break. Not once have they let me down and they have really taken the time to build up their personal service. I wouldn’t trust anyone else coming to my house to do the work, these guys are the best!” – Katie J