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When we come to service your appliances, we do our very best to expand our capabilities to as many notable brands as we can. More often than not, we find that all of the appliances that we are asked about do fall within our repertoire. However, on the off chance that your machines are not, we will not be able to apply our services. This is solely due to the fact that we would not be able to produce the quality that we hope to achieve for each and every one of our clients. We hope to never disappoint any of our customers and that is why we take the stance that we do. Our promise is to provide the very best in quality and repairs, using parts from trusted brands and certified suppliers.

Common Brands
The list of branded appliances that we currently are able to repair are as expansive as we can possibly manage. This is usually more than enough to cover the majority of Odessa residents’ appliances. If any of your appliances are branded under the following, we will be able to achieve the solutions that you are looking for: LG, Maytag, KitchenAid, Bosch, GE, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Electrolux and Miele.

Certified Parts
So that we are able to provide the best quality of servicing and repairs, we only use parts that are certified by the brands in question. If parts that were unofficially made were to be used then there is no guarantee of their success. We would never want to deliver our clients and less than the apex standard of quality, and this is what our customers have come to expect of us. Our high standards would never allow this to happen and so you can be assured that with absolutely every single piece of equipment that we use for our repairs, you are receiving proven quality. Your appliances will be their most functional thanks to our policy regarding certified parts.

As part of this promise, we achieve and maintain all of the necessary licensing to supply these parts. We would never expect our clients to put their trust in us, without the necessary proof of quality and ability to use the right products. We place much importance on keeping up to date with our licenses, so to be certain that we are able to continue making use of the very best quality of genuine materials and parts.

Quality Guarantee
In using any of the appliance repair services of Odessa Appliance Repair, you can be absolutely certain that we will never settle on the level of quality that we produce. For our team, we provide superior standards of training and we are all certified in line with statewide standards. We only ever make use of the very best, licensed and up to date products, so that we can assure you of the quality of our repairs. There simply is no more trustworthy team within the city of Odessa and this is something we have proven time and time again.


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