Stove/Oven Repair

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No modern kitchen is complete without the addition of a cooker in some form. For most people, this means the combination of a stove and oven. Simply put, we would not even be able to consider cooking food at home if we did not have one of these. So, when we are faced with the issue of having them malfunctioning or broken entirely, it can impact and completely alter our eating habits. When you find that you’re having issues with your oven, stove or microwave then you should contact your local repair professionals as soon as possible. You can count on us, at Odessa Appliance Repair, to do our bit to making sure you’re able to cook nourishing meals for yourself and your family once again.

Oven Issues
Many of us will use our ovens almost every day, in cooking our dinners. So, when we are without it, it will surely mean that we only have the choice of eating either leftovers or fast food – something we’re sure is in no good cooks’ best interest. If your oven is not heating properly, is working erratically or is simply not operating at all, give us a call to get it back to a functional condition, as soon as possible. We won’t let your family down, in the way of cooking.

Stove Issues
Your stove could face similar or equal issues to your cooker, sometimes having difficulty with the proper temperature output, working sporadically or failing altogether. Our expert team will identify exactly the issue you’re faced with and be sure to make light work of it. We will get your stove back to its full working order as quickly as possible, so that you can once more get back to using it in the way that you normally would.

Microwave Oven Repair
Microwaves have taken the convenience of the normal household oven to the next level and have been one of the most important allies to the busy working American, needing to access a quick meal in a pinch. There are a number of different types of microwave oven that are present in kitchens nowadays and with each comes their own unique problems. Our skillful technicians are well versed in just about any type of oven that they could possibly be faced with. When you have an issue with your microwave oven, be it electrical issues, kinetic problems, heating defects or any other malfunction that you could possibly encounter, know that you have a reliable fix in us.

Hardware Defects
There are a number of parts that work in conjunction with each other to allow these sorts of appliances to work as they should. If your oven, stove or microwave has issues with any single item, it could affect the functionality of the appliance on the whole. At Odessa Appliance Repair, we only use the best quality and certified products for our repairs. In choosing us to service your machine, you automatically guarantee that you will be applying the very best care and the best quality solution.


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